Power Solution

Power Solution

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves AS A Safety, Health & Hygiene, Risk, Environment & Asset Management , having business operations in India. There have recently been a number of media reports about the accidents / fire accidents due to improper installed electrical installations in hotels & restaurants, commercial building, shopping malls , healthcare facilities, hospitals, warehouses, educational institutions, schools, residential complexes, including Corporate or Head offices in India. It is always advisable to review of our assets or facilities w.r.t. best practices to avoid risk to the people, properties, materials, investment & business by making the system robust.

We offer specialized Total Fire Safety Management services as :

· Solvents-storage & handling risk assessment
· Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)
· Fire Audit
· Fire Load Calculation (FLC)
· Fire Adequacy & Efficacy Audit
· Fire Radiation & Explosion Study
· Fire Detection & Protection Designing & Verifications
· Fire Emergency Evacuation & Rescue Plans
· Fire /Heat Radiation – Dispersion Modeling with Distance & Impacts
· Fire Escape Rout
· Gas Dispersion Analysis
· Thermal Plume Analysis
· Fire Evacuation Plan
· Fire Safety Training
· Building Fire Risk Assessment

We also offer Total Electrical Risk Management Solutions for all types industrial / manufacturing & other facilities including Offices, Warehouses as :

· Comprehensive Electrical Safety Audit (As per Indian Electricity Rules, 1956 and various Indian Standards)
· Electrostatic Charge Survey (As per IS 7689 & OISD 110)
· Thermography
· Power Quality Analysis
· Harmonic Study
· Electrical Calibration & Testing Services
· Electrical Maintenance Audit
· Static Charge Survey & Control
· Preparation & Updating of Electrical Maintenance –Preventive /Scheduled/Productive-Maintenance & Condition Monitoring Plan
· Lightning Protection Survey (As per IS 2309, NFPA 780, OISD 180)
· Hazardous Area Classification (As per IS 5572, IEC 60079 – 10, ATEX & OISD 113)
· Risk Assessment of Electrical Installations(substations, switchyards, T&D, MCC & PCC Panels)
· Electrical Design Safety Review
· Condition Monitoring
· Electrical HAZOP study (eHazOp/SaFOp)
· RAM Study (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)
· RBM (Risk Based Maintenance) Study
· Life Cycle Assessment of electrical installations
· Arc Flash Analysis (NFPA 70 E)
· Short Circuit Analysis
· Electrical spares-storage, preservation & Manual
· Training Workshop for Shop floor to Managers on Electrical Safety & Maintenance

The assignments are handled by Experts having combined experience of more than 150 years in the field of Electrical Safety & Electrical Maintenance
We also develop various Safety & Maintenance Manuals including :
· Electrical Safety Manuals
· Checklists, SOP's, WI & formats (Level II,III & IV system doc)
· Permit Systems

We have total solution electrical for power problems.we are manufacturer and supplier for APFC panel.we have 20 yeras of experience in telecommunication tower civil foundation and electrical works and erection works.we have done 350 nos of high voltage transmission tower foundation erection and stringing strengthen,we have done ducting trenching OPtical fiber cable laying works.we have done Up to 300Sqm power cable laying and wall routing done.

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